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FlySmoother helps you get a little closer.

Share wonderful moments.  Linger a little longer.

And create lifetime memories.

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Luxury is more than private jet charters,
5-star resorts and Michelin-star rated restaurants.

It’s having a world-class travel advisor as discerning as you are. Someone who can open doors for you in unexpected places.

Someone who is available 24/7 to resolve any unexpected issues that may arise.  Someone like FlySmoother.

What we do

Whether traveling to iconic places or seeking a destination “off the beaten path,” we curate extraordinary itineraries designed to indulge your every whim. All with an eye to simplifying your journey and eliminating unexpected surprises.

Personalized itineraries of the highest quality

We want to understand you and what you value. Every itinerary is built with your preferences in mind and no two itineraries are the same.

Unparalleled logistical expertise

Our team has invested time and research assembling a comprehensive network of the best vendors ensuring you receive excellent quality and a preferred response in time.

24/7 human support via call or text

We work with our contracted vendors to establish controlled pricing, ensuring you consistently receive competitive pricing.

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Our preferred partners

Impeccable planning. Brilliant execution. Extraordinary itineraries.

What our clients have to say

We value our clients privacy and only include anonymous testimonials, but we are happy to provide references upon request

When working with other travel agencies, it has felt like I needed to take a vacation to plan my vacation. Jonathan & the FlySmoother team’s personalized service and impeccable attention to detail has allowed me to relax, trust the process, and know that I will be going on a flawless trip.

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Traveling overseas can be quite stressful regardless of how you travel. Jonathan & the FlySmoother team relieve all that stress by not only planning ahead for all contingencies but also dealing flawlessly with the inevitable issues that will arise. He truly makes the trip about enjoying where you are rather than worrying about what could go wrong.

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After working with FlySmoother, I am confident the word “no” does not exist in their vocabulary. Whether it’s been needing a passport renewal on 24 hours notice or finding the only flight that isn’t cancelled during a storm, FlySmoother has consistently made the impossible possible.

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FlySmoother’s team has the unique ability to anticipate ways to add value, solve difficult problems and make clients happy during stressful times. Their strong personal relationships with senior travel professionals literally around the world differentiate them from other advisors we have worked with. We do not hesitate to recommend them to personal and business friends/colleagues.

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Frequently asked questions

If you’re looking for more information about our team, we’d love to help.

I usually book hotels directly or through Amex, how does FlySmoother differentiate its booking services?
Is there a way I can get a membership trial?
Does FlySmoother offer any services to non-members?